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Families often decide not to use family members to manage estate assets. Choosing an independent, neutral trustee to handle estate matters avoids creating potential disputes over money and preserves estate assets thereby insuring family cohesiveness.


Tim Hyden is an experienced fiduciary. He truly listens to you and helps you define your family’s needs and goals. He will create a custom fiduciary plan which will allow you to reach these goals.

"With wealth comes responsibility."

Tim Hyden

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Tim Hyden

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About Tim Hyden

Tim Hyden received his law degree in 1986 from the University of the Pacific and is a practicing attorney license by the State Bar of California. He received his BA degree in Economics from the University of California, Davis.


Mr. Hyden has existing long-term relationships with institutional money managers, investment advisors, and custodians. This allows him to negotiate the best possible money management fees for his clients. Mr. Hyden has extensive probate and probate litigation experience which enables him to work effectively with a client’s attorney.


Association Memberships

Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC)

State Bar of California, Member No. 124733

Contra Costa County Bar Association

Board Member of Estate Planning Council of Diablo Valley

Faculty at John F. Kennedy School of Law, Pleasant Hill, CA

Tri-Valley Estate Planning Council

"Requiring family members to act as your trustee risks the cohesiveness of the family and creates fertile ground from which conflict may grow."

Tim Hyden

Preserve assets with an experienced and dedicated professional


Create a plan

In many cases several professionals may be involved in managing the financial and personal affairs of a client. Tim Hyden will work closely with the client’s attorney, certified public accountant, estate planning professional, and investment advisors to create a custom fiduciary plan that best suits the clients needs and goals.


Fees & Insurance

What to expect

In non-court supervised cases, fees may be addressed in the estate planning documents. In most court-supervised cases, the California Probate Code approves reasonable fees. On average, fees are 1 percent (annual) of the value of the managed estate assets.

"A neutral trustee is just that – neutral. This allows family members to stay close and eliminates potential friction which may result from choosing a family member as trustee."

Tim Hyden

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